Best Time to Visit the Masai Mara

Choosing when to go to the Masai Mara is something that needs to be carefully considered in order to meet your expectations. For general game viewing there is no real best time to go; thanks to its abundant resident wildlife and temperate climate, the Masai Mara is widely regarded as a year-round safari destination.

However, many visitors come for the wildebeest migration and the best time to visit the Masai Mara for this famous spectacle is between July/early August and the end of November although due to varying rainfall patterns, the exact timing varies from year to year.

Choosing to go during the low seasons can also have its benefits as during low season the accommodation prices are much cheaper as compared to the high season. Also if you enjoy peace and quite then during the low season you could almost get the impression that you have the lodge to yourselves.

The low seasons – the long rains from March to June and the short rains from October to December – is an enticing option.

Venturing out on a safari in the rainy season offers more than shaving off money and crowds. The wet seasons (March to June and October to December) also have luminous sunsets and plenty of animals nurturing their young – excellent reasons to brave the rain which, by the way, is patchy rather than perpetual downfall.