The Mara’s Eco-system


As the northern extension of the Serengeti plains, the Masai Mara environment sustains some of Africa’s largest and most varied wildlife populations. Despite the migration, the Masai Mara wildlife is on permanent show: large resident herds of animals – and predators – are prevalent all year round, but the character of the landscape changes dramatically […]


Game Viewing Masai Mara


People may come to the Masai Mara primarily for the migrating herds but game viewing in this East African reserve is fantastic throughout the year. On any day at any given time it would be expected to spot a dozen or so different species of animal, such is the scale of the Masai Mara wildlife. […]


Our Recommended Accommodations


One third of the accommodation in the Masai Mara is located outside the reserve’s borders. More remote, and offering exclusive activities that are banned within the park, the Masai Mara concessions accommodation are a good choice. Like the Serengeti, the Mara is an unfenced reserve that sees game moving freely throughout the greater Serengeti ecosystem. […]


The Mara’s Accommodation Options


Let’s be up-front about this: the Masai Mara is one of the world’s greatest wildlife destinations and not much beats the thrills of the Great Wildebeest Migration when the herds arrive around September, staying until December. Naturally, it’s an extremely popular travel destination, especially during the migration, and there are a number of factors to […]