Masai Mara Travel Tips

The Car will stop near the Mara Reserve gates to pay for your forest entrance fees.
And in a second you would be seeing hands full with items/souveniers and different trinkets pushed to you.
Remeber two things :
Once you roll down your windows and accept them you would be forced to offer a price… so if you don’t intend on buying right away don’t accept them.

Take to the air: hot-air balloon safaris are a Masai Mara speciality and deliver an unforgettable bird’s eye view of the migration. Not every lodge offers them – find out from us the ones that do.

Meet the locals – with dignity: make sure your Maasai cultural interaction genuinely benefits the local community and is an experience that is both meaningful and uncontrived. We’ll recommend accommodation and operators that do it the right way.

Book early for the migration: a year ahead is normal as suitably located accommodation for the wildebeest migration gets snapped up quickly. Talk to us about getting ringside seats.

Go private: the Masai Mara can get very busy in peak migration season; private conservancies offer low visitor numbers, excellent accommodation and game viewing as good as the main reserve. Night drives and guided nature walks – activities not offered in the public section of the Masai Mara – are also part of the deal.

Talk to Us Today and Our Travel Experts will advice you on the best options considering your needs and preferences.